Summary of Current Audience Research 2011

Welcome to ‘Summary of Current Audience Research’. This is the successor to the long-standing ‘Summary of Current Readership Research’ which was created by Erhard Meier in 1981 and published at every symposium since. 

From this symposium onwards, the Summary will be published online on this website.  All delegates to the San Francisco symposium will be given a password, along with those who contributed information to the Summary. If you are interested in purchasing access to the Summary please contact Sandy Burdett.

The Summary contains details on the methodology and scope of

  • 100 general population readership surveys in 79 different countries (both country by country and in a summary table for easy reference by topic)
  • 75 specialist audience surveys, e.g. businessmen, children, specific issue readership etc

We will also be developing a new section on digital audience measurement services.  While this is in development entries for different countries will appear in the wiki, and we welcome contributions.
In addition, a paper entitled Audience Measurement Trends and Developments’ summarises developments by country and identifies general trends, such as

  • The increasing number of surveys using mixed methods to obtain their interviews.
  • That there are now three readership surveys conducted entirely or largely online and several more surveys including an element of online interviewing.
  • Developments in methodology in order to measure a large number of publisher websites and other digital platforms in addition to printed publications.
  • The growing number of surveys carrying out fusions/calibrations with other media and marketing data.